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Thread: Shunyata DENALI

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    A question to the Shunyata folks, Caelin or Grant... is there work underway to make a new generation of cyclops, or is the Denali 2000t the ne plus ultra going forward (allowing for future upgrades)?

    I ask because I am just thrilled with the difference in my system having upgraded from an old Hydra v2 to a Triton v3. WOW! I have to say my system took a huge step into the big leagues. With my acoustic remodel completed, adding the Triton v3 has left me gobsmacked night after night. I have loved Allan Toussaint's "The Bright Mississippi" since I first bought a copy several years back (the 2-disk pressing). The first cut on side A is everything I think of when I think of New Orleans Jazz, and between the Triton and my room remodel, the big marching band bass drum is rendered with amazing clarity and definition. This has been a reference cut for me as my system has improved over the years, but it has never sounded as lifelike and realistic as it does now.

    That said, I am thinking a Denali 2000 would be appropriate as my REF75 is currently plugged into a dedicated circuit with a Sigma alpha PC. If I put a Denali between the amp and the wall, what PC should I include for best effect and value. With a Denali or a Triton in the system, are the NR power cords significant between components?
    óBob Vineyard, aka bobvin

    My system: Benz LPS, Einstein Turntables' Choice phono-pre (dual mono version), Audio Research DAC8, Audio Research Ref10 pre, Audio Research Ref75 amp w.KT150 tubes, Wilson Alexia speakers. Transparent Ref MM2 & Gen5 signal cables, Shunyata Zitron Sigma, AlphaNR, Python, Anaconda, Cobra power cables. Shunyata Hydra Triton v3. Stillpoints. HRS. Acoustic environment optimized by Dr. Bonnie Schnitta of SoundSense.

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    Another question for Shunyata. If I have the Denali, what power cords do you recommend from my components to the Denali (amp, preamp, DAC, and music server)? Why is it necessary to invest in an after market power cord, since the Denali reduces almost a 100% of the noise?
    My system: Monitor Audio PL500 II, Jeff Rowland(JR) 625 S2 amp, JR Corus preamp, JR Aeris DAC, Antipodes DS GT music server, Wireworld Platinum XLR cables and power cords, Wireworld Silver speaker cable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricjor1 View Post
    Another question for Shunyata. If I have the Denali, what power cords do you recommend from my components to the Denali (amp, preamp, DAC, and music server)? Why is it necessary to invest in an after market power cord, since the Denali reduces almost a 100% of the noise?
    If you are currently using stock power cords, almost anything shielded, with good connections and reasonable gauge will be a big improvement. If you want a step better, then I recommend considering the Delta NR power cords.

    To answer your other question: First of all, there is no such thing as a power distributor that reduces "almost 100% of the noise" or anywhere within a country mile of that. Electronic systems are bathed in noise fields from every angle; power-supply generated EMI, RFI is everywhere. Near-field noise generation by electronics can be a real problem. Our electrical systems offer distributed power conditioning, where noise can be isolated at the component and again where all the components join (in your case that'd be the Denali).

    Its easy to discern as each stage is applied, that perceived noise is being reduced. This noise is measurable and endemic to electronic operation in both music, recording and medical applications and there is no such thing as a single box panacea for noise, unfortunately. The fewer points of ingress you allow for noise to circulate in and around electronics systems, the better the performance. Adding NR power cords won't eliminate close to 100% of the noise either, but you will notice their addition in a very positive way. Too much in-box noise-isolation can kill other areas of performance such as dynamics, timing and frequency extension in sound. We find it far better to approach the isolation of noise in stages, from its inception and through the power-distributor with as little in-line resistance in front of instantaneous current as possible. Leaving electronics free to interact with unrestricted peak-current (and less reactance) is far more critical to system performance than mere noise-reduction.

    Best regards,

    Grant Samuelsen
    Director, Marketing and Sales
    Shunyata Research

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    I have my Denali 6000T, along with an Alpha NR (for the Lumin), running for 11 days.
    It really is a sensational device. Silence and an organic sound in the orchestral masses, I love it. I'm waiting to try a Sigma NR to connect the Denali to the wall socket.
    I have high hopes that the sound, will still be better

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