A question to the Shunyata folks, Caelin or Grant... is there work underway to make a new generation of cyclops, or is the Denali 2000t the ne plus ultra going forward (allowing for future upgrades)?

I ask because I am just thrilled with the difference in my system having upgraded from an old Hydra v2 to a Triton v3. WOW! I have to say my system took a huge step into the big leagues. With my acoustic remodel completed, adding the Triton v3 has left me gobsmacked night after night. I have loved Allan Toussaint's "The Bright Mississippi" since I first bought a copy several years back (the 2-disk pressing). The first cut on side A is everything I think of when I think of New Orleans Jazz, and between the Triton and my room remodel, the big marching band bass drum is rendered with amazing clarity and definition. This has been a reference cut for me as my system has improved over the years, but it has never sounded as lifelike and realistic as it does now.

That said, I am thinking a Denali 2000 would be appropriate as my REF75 is currently plugged into a dedicated circuit with a Sigma alpha PC. If I put a Denali between the amp and the wall, what PC should I include for best effect and value. With a Denali or a Triton in the system, are the NR power cords significant between components?