Guys I have hesitated to post about this DAC due to the possibility of a barrage of flames. I read about the Gustard X20U on the Head Fi forums and was hearing really good feedback. I am the curious type so at only around $800.00 I was game. At the time when the X20 arrived all I had was a Line Magnetic LM-500ca and Schiit Bifrost multibit. No contest. Then I picked up an Auralic Vega and a Schiit Yggydrasil, both great in their own right. The difference with the X20 is the inner detail retrieval and soundstage. Inserting the X20 widens my soundstage by about 2 feet on each side and about 3 feet higher, in a realistic sense not exaggerated. The depth is amazing, can render front stage to back stage amazingly. Listening to the Opus 3 Showcase 2 in DSD 128 is stunning. It is so good as a vinyl diehard it has kept me planted in my seat with the Aurender iPad app not wanting me to spin vinyl. It might not float your boat but to me it has been an eye opening experience.