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Thread: Challenge Classics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audiocrack View Post
    Please keep in mind that Challenge Classics is a label that brings out recordings that are being produced and engineered by different persons/recording engineers. So not all CC sacd’s were/are recorded by Northstar / Bert van der Wolf. My enthusiasm for the various CC files (in dxd and dsd 256) that I shared with all of you in this CC thread has (only) been inspired by the Northstar/Bert van der Wolf productions. The latter can only be downloaded from in the original recording format (dxd) as well as in dsd 128 and dsd 256. Native dsd has only dsd 64 files available.
    Thanks for the clarification. Larry
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    Quote Originally Posted by astrotoy View Post
    Thanks for the clarification. Larry
    You are most welcome, Larry.

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