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Thread: Sablon Audio Reserva experience. Affordable S.O.T.A.

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    Sablon Elite cables don't seem to be on their homepage?

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    Gemini, they may be by special order. I can check with Mark.

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    Happy to report that the Reserva elite with the Furutech NCF plug blew my existing power cable away........a long, long way. The existing stock Acrolink cable was connected from the Oyaide wall receptacle to the BIT 16 power conditioner feeding the entire system. While these had the then flagship Oyaide M1/F1 connectors, I must confess, there is no comparison ( probably a wee bit unfair too).

    For starters, the noise floor and resolution are in another league. Completely another league. I can clearly hear more separation in instruments and the whole performance is at a different level of energy and propulsion. Then again, the soundstage is substantially wider and taller with a hitherto unseen and unheard image density, consistent in the center and the periphery. The Soundstage is deeper but the gains in width and height are far more substantial.

    The energy in the room is at a different level too......alive with unprecedented room fill. The bass is superior in every way - extension, tightness etc.

    Next step is to swap my lampi power cord (currently the special edition Acrolink 5500) with time the elite and see the difference. This may be a slightly fairer comparison. And then of course putting the elite against the erstwhile flagship Acrolink 9500on my preamp. I have a feeling, the elite might just edge out even the 9500. So let’s wait and see.

    What a nerve racking hobby!



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