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Thread: Sablon Audio Reserva experience. Affordable S.O.T.A.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dctom View Post
    I borrowed a Corona Elite power cable from Sablon last week, it had Furutech ncf plugs and a synergistic research 13 amp (uk) blue fuse fitted .

    My cables have Oyaide iec and Furutech 13amp (uk) plugs with Kimber 8TC cable. They have done me well for a good few years. I have a dedicated power supply to an isolation transformer plus an old Furman balanced power conditioner.

    Anyway, thought it would be worth trying something more up to date.

    I tried the Corona in my Lampi GG, phono stage and pre-amp.

    It made a difference to all the equipment I tried it with, and most noticeably with the pre. It was not night and day but the sound quality was decidedly improved somehow. It took awhile to work out what the cable was doing, imo it was lowering the noise floor slightly and increasing the dynamic range particularly in the lower registers. I listen to a lot of piano music - one of the things I noticed with the Corona, it enhanced the sense of keys being struck firmly, the percussive element. In particular, on KJ's Koln concert - besides the dynamic contrast mentioned, his foot stomping became more tangible and spatial clues became more evident.

    I only had it for a limited time but felt it was contributing to an increased involvement with the music being played, across the board. Other posters have talked about it blowing their existing cables away, I did not feel this was the case for me, maybe because I have a reasonably sorted power supply chain enabling the system to work pretty well. That said I shall be purchasing one soon, would also like to try out more than one as I guess the effect would be cumulative.
    Dave, I found the Sablon PC gets even better over time and leaving without disturbing.
    UK Audio Dealer for Mola Mola, Boenicke, Lumin, fidata, SST, Nord, Vovox, Bybee, Acoustic Revive.

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    My experience with Sablon Audio cables just keeps getting better. I started off reading a good review of the elite reserva usb cable. I wrote to Mark Coles at Sablon Audio and he made one for me to use with my Lampizator Big 7. It has been my usb cable since the day I installed it. It has taked a few steps but I have Sablon Corona reserva elite power cables, Panatela interconnects, and Panatela speaker cables in my system now. I am very happy with the sound of my system low noise, detail, dynamic. The cables just seem to let me enjoy my music without hearing the cables doing anything to the music. I have tried them with different speakers, amps and sources in my system and the cables seem to work well with every change I try. The Sablon cables let me spend alot more time listening to my music instead of listening to my system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toetapaudio View Post
    Dave, I found the Sablon PC gets even better over time and leaving without disturbing.

    Yes I can imagine they would improve after settling in.

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    I was a forum member that Mark sent a box of his cables for me to evaluate...this included his ethernet cable, Power cord, and balanced IC's....I found Mark to be very responsive, reasonable, and helpful.
    Here are my results: Ethernet: clearly one of the best ethernet cables I've heard...I compared against standard Cat 6, Wireworld Starlight Cat 8 and Wireworld Platinum Cat 8. Its full body, detailed, transparent, and removes some of the digital glare. Its flexible, and well shielded, and priced at good point. I intend to place an order for two cables from switch to NAS, and NAS to dCS NB.

    Power cords: Here is where I feel the Sablon really shines...I compared against Tara Labs and High Fidelity Ultra of best power cords that worked well in my system. Loved the high quality Furutech plugs.. I had it plugged into my Hegel H-30 stereo amp, and it made a great improvement. I was told to try on my DAC, but cable not long enough to reach. I agree with above posters about their experience with his PC's... and he is willing to make cords to custom lengths if needed. I intend to purchase 2, and will put my money where my review is.

    Interconnects: very pretty IC's with high quality push/pull jeweled connectors. These cables were new, and sounded a bit thin, and were not broken in. My evaluation period was only for 2 weeks, and I did not have the patience to break them in, while also evaluating the PC's and ethernet cable. I therefore am unable to provide a honest evaluation of them, since I choose not to really spend the time, and my analog balanced TA cables were working well, and synergistic to my other TA cables.

    Overall; I can recommend highly the Sablon line of audio cables, they are well built, perform as advertised, and in my system, with my ears bested my existing cables, with the caveat that his balanced IC's were not broken in. As a dealer/owner, I find Mark to be extremely easy to work with, and a true pleasure. His brand is not well known here in states, but I hope my folks become willing to try his stuff in their rigs.

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    4 years in to having Markís Sablon cables in my system, his stuff can still surprise and totally delight.
    Iíve been concentrating in the last 4 months getting my analog to sound as good as possible, in the process commissioning a dedicated overspecced psu for my tt motor speed controller.
    Previously this was a stock item w captive UK plug power cord.
    So when I set up the new psu, I now needed a pwr cord, and used a spare Sablon QGC from the period before current Reservas/Elites.
    And absolutely fine itís been, allowing my analog w the new psu to be the best by far itís ever sounded.
    I thought Iíd try the Elite pwr cord from my cdp in an a/b, skeptical much difference would be heard - I mean, this is for the motor, not a source component or even pre.
    Boy, was I wrong.
    It needed all of 3 seconds to hear the difference, and be immediately aware of the gulf. Indeed this takes the cake as most radical experience of Markís cables, save for the very first Sablon experience on my preamp 4 years ago.
    As Iím playing an Al Di Meola album that I know very well, instantly I realise thereís a lot more to get to know.
    Lines of percussion that were reticent or vague before are startlingly brought into clear relief, bass lines a little hazy before, now totally persistent, and just an amazing opening up of air and soundstage.
    Go to Yes 90125, and compression artefacts arenít eliminated, but smoothed a little, so that the listen is easier, and the emotion gets thru more directly.
    Now, itís helping that my system is coming of age in the new room, transparency and responsiveness are vastly beyond anything Iíve ever had before, my analog is just full on, and so positives like this tt motor Elite can prove to be radical.
    Two things are happening to explain such an upstick. Reducing noise is both aiding speed stability, allowing the tt to perform more to its potential. And reduction of noise floor is lifting previously obscured musical info to be truly audible and significant.
    Whatever, I cannot get enough of this most recent change.

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