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Thread: New Alexx?

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    Quote Originally Posted by still-one View Post
    Definetely not optimal positioning for those Wilson's.
    I agree

    They don't even appear to have any toe in
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    While I have the utmost respect for David Wilson and his creations--I have always had lingering doubts over the Wilson WAF setup method as practised by the converted however I do think the "Zone of Neutrality" edit is an excellent starter.

    Having Setup my X-1s with Troy K(RIP) and Watt Pups with Brad OT using this approach I found it was not completely to my liking --no I could'nt put my finger-nor Ear on any specifics

    something bugged me. Was it the fact that the Speaker faces were staring me in the Chops(Ha)?--puzzling while the sound was wondrous -the presentation just didn't quite gel in my mindset funnily with both sets of speakers at different times.

    I need to explain the X-1s and Watt/Pups were 2 years apart in Different locations--but incurred the same trait as I'v outlined--Hmmm. Yes Winds of War/ Razzamatass/etc /etc all on hand!

    Ah well stranger things have happened in this game --

    Bucking the mandate after short period of time I recall slowly rotating each speaker outwards till I felt the degree reached, snapped the Music into "Focus"--or more to my liking.

    No reflection on the superb Transducers themselves -merely personal observation--I'm not suggesting all will be the Nirvana for anyone else -but with a laser Ruler and roll of Blue Tape

    the movements can be critically observed and returned to Status Quo if unsatisfactory.

    Frankly I've heard nearly all the current and past Wilsons( no early Wamm though!) in various private and Show Demos however my personal favourite memory is many years back with Watt3/Pups

    at a LA Dealer (I think Neil Sinclairs) where the Speakers were across a corner.



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