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Thread: audio research Ref 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlowikPL View Post
    Thanks microstrip. That would be the best solution. Are you 100% sure that I will not harm my beloved preamplifier ? I was also thinking about this, and even take out the valves out to be sure I don't damage anything.. Can another forum member approve this approach?
    The cable cooker uses a 12V DC power supply and no transformers - this means that output voltage will be less than 6Vpp - the cold tubes will happily ignore them.

    However, the REF6 has a lot of other capacitors that also must be burn-in, such as plenty of decoupling capacitors. And part of burn-in is applying the 90V DC or more to the capacitors - this only happens when the preamplifier is on! Do not connect the cable cooker without taking the power cable from the connector, sometimes a mains transient can switch the preamplifier on!
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    Has anyone heard the Coincident Statement Linestage compared to
    the Ref 6 ?

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    I just placed an order for a Pass Labs 250.8 to
    go with the Ref 6

    My question is if my DAC is single ended going into the
    Ref 6 is it going to really matter if I use the SE or BAL
    out to the Pass Labs ?

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    You will still benefit running balanced from your preamp to amp.

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    Summary: Yes, the REF6 is deriving an inverted “leg” out of the single-ended signal and thereby converting it to balanced. That is why the balanced output from your REF6 is 6dB higher than the single-ended output. Truly balanced products should sound better when run balanced. Your Pass Labs amp should sound better run balanced rather than single-ended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyTunes View Post
    You will still benefit running balanced from your preamp to amp.

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    Over the weekend, I swapped out the svetlana wing C 6550 with a KT88 in the ref 6. Initial impressions was a tighter bass, slight improvement in soundstaging and a faster more at ease presentation. Highs was abit more refined as well. However I do find that it lost out very marginally in bass extension.
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