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Thread: Welcome to the HIFi Miser Forum!

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    Teac NT 503 Network & File player: Def. want to check this out when available.

    Just under $1000.

    Andre Marc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Whip View Post
    For under $1,250.00 I nominate the Schiit Gungnir Multibit aka The Gumby. This is one great sounding DAC. The BiFrost is available now too as a multibit for $599.00. I have yet to hear one though.
    I own the Schiit Multibit BiFrost and after a 2 day break in, this DAC sounds very, very good.

    Could not be more pleased.

    For $600 it is a steal IMO!

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    The ELAC Discovery Z3 is a great little wireless speaker that is compatible with Roon. Price: $499

    The speaker was designed by Andrew Jones, a well regarded speaker designer. Subscribe to Tidal, run Roon on your existing computer, and you’ll have access to an amazing amount of music.

    I love the Z3 so much that I bought two of them, one for the kitchen and one for my bedroom. I can set up multi-room playback with the stereo in the living room, or, my wife can stream her own music in the kitchen while I’m listening in the living room or bedroom.

    Life is good.

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    I am embarrassed to report that I did not know we had this sub-forum!

    But I am glad we do!
    Mono and Stereo - Senior Contributing Reviewer

    turntable: American Sound AS-2000; tonearms: SME 3012R, Schröder LT; cartridges: ZYX UNIverse Premium X-SB2, Air Tight Opus-1; tape: Studer A820 Mk II; phono stage: Aesthetix Io Eclipse with 2 power supplies; line stage: VTL TL-7.5 Series III; amplifier: VTL Siegfried Series II; loudspeaker: Gryphon Pendragon; cables: MasterBuilt Ultra; stands: Herzan + Taiko Tana + Evo LPS for Io, custom for turntable, Stacore Basic+ for amps; power: Benjamin Electric subpanel, JPS in-wall wire, Furutech NCF outlets, Torus AVR60BAL; room: 19' wide X 24' long X 14' tall; acoustic treatment: SoundSense A.T.I. + Lumitex drapes + Vibramat, ASC IsoThermal Tube Traps; tweaks: Shakti Stones, Shun Mooks, self-propelled sound-absorbing cocker-poo

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    Ron, you still have the sub-forum. Unfortunately, I don't believe you have the OP anymore.

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