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Thread: Lampizator Komputer vs. Aurender N10

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    Typo...I stand corrected. Darn smartphone keyboard.

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    The Linux kernel gets updated regularly for DACs that develop/update their firmware to enable native DSD playback via USB using "Altset 2" and uRendu incorporates the kernel updates when they do their update releases also. The issue is that Amanero hasn't updated their firmware free of glitches (apparently its stable upto DSD256 but not DSD512) for it to be safely added to the Linuz kernel update yet. When they get their firmware glitch free, the kernel update will be a test & release cycle away and then a uRendu update after that in short order but first Amanero has to get it right which they haven't done in more than a year now - it's discouraging that Lampi and T&A aren't pushing Amanero to fix this quickly. In the meantime, like you said, one could use a Windows renderer to send DSD512 to the Lampi and T&A DACs.

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    Wow...this must be new. Only in Jan I recall people at CompAudiophile saying that uRendu would need to the latest Linux kernel of Dec 2016 and it was not going to happen anytime soon. URendu was the limitation as they would take time to integrate the new Linux. U stand corrected if this has recently changed.

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