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Thread: L1 question

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    Thanks Chris.

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    I have a question. Here is how my setup is. I bi-amp my system. My horns are driven by my set amps, and my direct radiating woofers are driven by my solid state amps. I need to adjust volumes of these individually. Can this be done on an L1 preamp. My current solution is a custom made passive preamp with r2r volume control like the ch preamp.

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    L1 cannot adjust the volume of the output,can adjust only the volume of the input
    In CH system if you biamp with 2 CH amp you can adjust the gain of the power amp

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    Thanks a lot! Then if one day I decide to go all CH Precision, I can do it. L1, P1, 2xA1. The 2ch A1 can be configured for bi-amp it says passive or active. I guess in passive mode, I can adjust different levels.

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    If you use 2 A1 in passive way you can select the gain of A1 that is + or - 12 db starting from 0.5 db

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