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Thread: Beyond Turntables-Micro Seiki SZ-1t, SX-8000II & SX-8000

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    Hi Ked,

    I listened and i think the best cartridges at reasonable price are
    Shelter Harmony,one my friend has with Atlas and Coralstone and also love Harmony,Dimitri is italian distributor and price list in Italy is 3.950 euro
    Other is Transfiguration Proteus.I had Transfiguration Temper and was fantastic.
    I never listen Proteus but 2 my friends have a lot of cartridges and all two tell Proteus is among the best.Price list in Italy 4.500 euro
    Also Mijajima is consider good and one my friend bought Allnic and is very happy also
    I think this 4 are the best at reasonable price

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    have we ever moved forward since the late 70's early 80's turntables?

    Quote Originally Posted by ddk View Post
    We’ll start with Micro Seiki company for the first “Beyond” installment. I don’t have many details about the company’s history but I remember that they hit the ground running in the 70’s with their amazing DDX-1000 turntable. The basic design elements of this table, high mass, high inertia with flexible multi-arm capacity was the basis for the tables that made the company legendary. I’m hoping some of you might know more about their history.

    Attachment 27256 Attachment 27257

    While others only had one Beyond product Micro Seiki had 3! Since all three models share the same design concept and performed at near the same levels I’ll deal with them as one. There are some differences among them that we’ll get to later. Not much information is available regarding the chronology of these turntables but I think the first and the rarest of all Micro Seiki tables was the SZ-1, made in the mid 1980’s. A money no object 195 lbs. belt driven high mass, high inertia Statement turntable with air floating platter and even an air-bearing motor. SZ-1 had two platter options both with vacuum hold down, Gun Metal and Stainless Steel with a total inertia moment of 26t/cm2 (about 28 tons!). To complete the systems Micro Seiki offered a massive foundation designed specifically for the SZ-1 called the BA-100 Audio Base. With air bladders for isolation in the feet.

    Attachment 27258

    Attachment 27259

    (continued below...)

    I have never had the chance to hear a Micro-Seiki. Sadly, in the UK, a belt driven fast running three spring Scottish deck was considered to all things originating from Japan, the US, or anywhere else for that matter - for that reason other decks from that era are not common in the UK.

    This is an interesting thread as it supports the 'relevant technology' theory - insofar as Vinyl was more relevant to the general public up to the mid eighties - as such the boffins working for multi-nationals/specialists really crunched the numbers and made some magnificent machines back in the day. Many industries lose their craftsmen - tailoring, cobblers, metal machinists... A good example are NOS valves which I am told are the 'cat's whiskers' (not a tube man myself). Transistors too (Vendetta SCP2A Hitachi FET's).

    I have my own little projects that are taking a backseat (personal reasons) which include and EMT 950 and a Sony TTS 8000.

    BTW - check this website out



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    What a Riches and happiness to have this two greatnesses together side by side and have all the miles and knowledge to compare and enjoy them...
    Do you still have those both Masterworks?

    Quote Originally Posted by ddk View Post
    Micro Seiki SZ-1t vs SX-8000II, a question that's often asked. Is there a major difference between the sound of these tables? Yes there is! Common to both tables is the same air floating bearing design and identical stainless steel platters, but they're quite different in over all mass and size. The SX-8000II is already formidable and of one the very best turntables ever made, period. SZ-1t is Micro Seiki's "Step Beyond". SZ-1t's additional size and mass translates to a more Natural sound. Everything is airier and more open, the music floats up and the bass is more nuanced, both solid and delicate adding richness and liveliness to the already spectacular sound of the SX-8000II...

    Last weekend we received a 900 lb. shipment of two very special turntables.

    Attachment 27269

    One of them is a SX-8000II that I sold a few years ago, now back to us again. I decided to take a couple of side by side shots with the SZ-1t prior setup. Both tables have the same 28kgs stainless steel platter. SX-8000II's base comes in 35kgs, and the SZ-1t tilts the scale at 60kgs. As you can see even the matching system platform of the SZ-1t is on a different plane compared to the SX-8000II's BA-600.

    Attachment 27271

    Attachment 27270

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    Quote Originally Posted by amadeus View Post
    What a Riches and happiness to have this two greatnesses together side by side and have all the miles and knowledge to compare and enjoy them...
    Do you still have those both Masterworks?
    Yes, I was very fortunate that I caught on early to these amazing turntables. I have since sold both of tables but still have another SZ-1 that I kept for myself. There are just so many hours in the day and I just don't have the time to play all these turntables and I'm happy that they went to someone who loves and enjoys them; but he's also getting his AS-2000 at the end of this month, not sure if he'll continue playing these two .

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