Thread: What's Spinning Tonight?

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    Denon Hi Fi Latin Dance T. Misago & The Tokyo Cuban Boys

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    David Arkenstone "In The Wake Of The Wind".

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    La La Land soundtrack

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    Autechre elseq 1 (Warp)

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    "Inside a building in Antwerp" Photographer unknown
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    Evita The Complete Motion Picture Music Soundtrack

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    On the Acoustic Sounds reissue label..Quality records. Very nice sound, with Nils's Takamine guitar front and center. On the well known track 'Keith don't go', I think the guitar is so well recorded that on better systems it is nearly in the room with you. Most of the other songs are nice too, but here's the thing.....this recording is from a regular digital recording. As such, it has some obvious warts...for example, the piano and keyboard playing sounds just horrible!! So much so, that I wanted to get out of my seat and skip these tracks altogether! The recording is very complimentary to Nils's voice and his Takamine ( guitar--which BTW, I used to own a similar model and sold as the coloration of this guitar made in somewhat of a one-trick pony for me....particularly in comparison to my Taylor). The piano and keyboards are just such a disappointment. Nonetheless, compared to the earlier reissue of Cat Stevens TFTTM by Chad, a major success. I just wish TFTTM was as well repressed!

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    Chie Ayado To You

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