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Thread: Wilson & ARC for me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBG View Post
    Yes how did you measure the effect of the chair?
    With the new HM chair and no headrest to deal with I place the mic at ear level and positioning. I've since made further seat placement and sub settings changes for further improvements. I'll never go back to a low back chair for listening.
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    Wonderful looking room Bob! I know its taken a while to get here but I'm glad you are happy with the results.

    BTW, I'm packing up my system next weekend and it will be in storage until our new home is finished in Sarasota, FL. I'll have a wait time of approximately 6 more months.


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    I've been living with the new room now for a couple of months, listening for a hour or two at a time as my schedule would allow. Speakers have not moved since they were setup & voiced by my Wilson rep, but I did move the gear rack about 6 inches toward the front of the room—mostly for aesthetics, but also so my power cables would reach the Shunyata conditioner.

    Last night I had a few audiophiles over for a "debut'' of the new space. A few comments are listed below:
    Leo said:
    "There's such a big difference in the bass! And in the overall acoustics of the room. I'd say it's a big success."

    Mike said:

    "Bob, very impressed with the outcome. Excellent soundstage, pinpoint positioning of instruments, vocalists are there in the room. You can hear the emotion in their voices. Nice bass, tuned, balanced and deep. Tonal balance is good throughout. Please don't try and tweak, just let your soul enjoy the good music you've collected."

    George said:
    Thanks for having us over and for the excellent wine. First the room looks really great, dedicated listing room for sure. I thought the prior room was great, this is even better. Also love the wine cellar. As for sound, definitely a step or two better, except for the bass, that is a quantum leap better. Amazing how much better the bass became without losing the detail yet increasing the soundstage. Great investment and worth the time spent.

    I have to say it is comforting to have some folks who are true audiophiles offer positive comments. While I have been saying to my wife how much better the room sounds, there has been that nagging voice in my head that says maybe its all just expectation bias.
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    Very impressive! Congrats.

    Looks like a great space to relax and enjoy the music
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    Love it. Congratulations. This is what system threads are all about: sharing the process, gear and listening impressions. I agree with Mike, just enjoy your music for a while. Lovely room. Was the good wine served before or after their compliments? Just kidding.
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