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Thread: Wilson & ARC for me...

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    Congratulations Bobvin. Fellow member Al M. and I auditioned the Rossini against the new Berkley Ref DAC and the Rossini was clearly superior. "More natural flow to the music" was precisely one of the reasons we so enjoyed it. And absolutely no obvious audible digital artifacts. It is a great component. The sound should further improve with the re tuned REF XLs.
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    Dear Bob, Did Bonnie take measurements of the room before the renovation started and when it was empty of stereo equipment?

    Or were her first set of measurements with your stereo operating in the original, pre-renovation space?

    After the renovation and after your stereo was reinstalled did Bonnie take measurements again? Did she have any subsequent fine-tuning to do in response to measurements taken after the renovation and after your stereo was reinstalled?
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