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Thread: The Cleaner is coming . . .

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    Will you be using Acourate for DSP also?
    Quote Originally Posted by slcaudiophile View Post
    i just ordered ... should have in a few weeks i hope. ill post input once i get it up and running.

    Uli is wicked smart and super helpful. i hope to really get my carmel 2's really dialed in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dallasjustice View Post
    Will you be using Acourate for DSP also?
    yes, but admittedly i have LOTS to learn. so keep up the great posting, it really helps.

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    Here is an example of a track from a recent iFi demo disc. What is interesting is that mid/side encoding reduces the step size. The data comes from a foobar plugin I wrote to support my UHSR DAC project.

    N.B. max-sample, max-step, and rms-step is shown in hexadecimal because the digits directly connote the number of occupied bits.

                            Andre Heuvelman - Oblivion - Silence
                                  left/mid                         right/side
     rate    code    max-sample   max-step  rms-step   max-sample   max-step  rms-step
       88     L/R        5D3B77      832E9      B747       7AFFCE      A27A6      B799
       88     M/S        560CD6      71763      9042       3EB6CE      5AEA8      713C
      705     L/R        5D3B1B      1069A      1733       7B09CE      1468A      173B
      705     M/S        560F6F       E485      1243       3EB9F0       B6BD       E55
     2822     L/R        5D3B3B       41A8       5CE       7B09F0       51A4       5D0
     2822     M/S        560F70       3923       492       3EB9FF       2DB0       396
    22579     L/R        5D3B3D        836        B9       7B09F3        A36        BA
    22579     M/S        560F72        726        92       3EB9FE        5B7        72

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