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Thread: Dirac live vs Acourate vs Audiolense

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    Yikes! Your system is almost certainly a lot more resolving than mine, so without the benefit of spending a few hours (days?) in your listening room, I can't really advise you further.

    It might be interesting to connect a small device like the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B directly to your DAC via USB (possibly with an iFi micro iUSB3.0 inserted between the Pi and the DAC). As I have described, I'd run Roon Bridge on the Pi and Roon Server on a different PC. Have Roon Server perform the convolution using Acourate filters and route the stream to the Pi running Roon Bridge. I've written a blog post that describes the setup. Here's a link:

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    Thanks. I will read it. I was hoping not to need room just diract or some other dsp loaded on my server. One sound I need to curb is the bass. Below 300 hertz to 100 hertz it glows up about 10 DB or so. A bass bump and I need to sit back about 18 feet from them to get it better.
    EQ in j river helps but the loss in bass articulation is still not clean. Now if I go back about 16/18 feet and go one side past the tower towards the side walls it's fantastic lol.
    But doing room sweeps I notice I have far more than a bass bump going on lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsnyder0cnn View Post
    The measurements that Mitch has presented in his book look convincing to me.

    While it's true that, "we build systems that support our beliefs", in my experience, Acourate generally works well regardless of the beliefs held by the peope who try it (suggesting that, while perhaps not comprehensive, the algorithms used are sufficient to improve sound quality in common audiophile listening rooms).

    Have you given Acourate a try in your system? If so, what did you think?
    I am not disputing that Acourate or other single point systems "work" effectively vs. no EQ. I have no doubt they do. The question is which concept works MOST effectively, single- or multi-point. Agreed, the theoretical, quasi-theoretical, spin, marketing or propaganda arguments could go on ad infinitum. So it comes down to a question of belief.

    I am sorry to say that, though I have followed numerous online tutorials, discussions, debates, etc, I do not find any convincing reason that I should invest the considerable time necessary in evaluating Acourate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsnyder0cnn View Post
    Uli has told me that I'm free to take measurements from multiple locations and average them, but he has indicated that there's little benefit to doing so.
    He's correct but...
    Dirac Live averages the graphs for display purposes only.
    Dirac Live does NOT simplistically average the measurements for filter creation purposes, from those nine measurements we infer which time-domain and frequency-domain properties are common to all measurements and can consequently be robustly compensated (and those that are not)

    Mathias Johansson explains it here:
    while a detailed document by Lars Johan Brännmark and Mikael Sternad is available here:

    Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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