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Thread: Conclusive "Proof" that higher resolution audio sounds different

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    Conclusive "Proof" that higher resolution audio sounds different


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    Quote Originally Posted by amirm View Post
    This is the reason you want to have each tester participate enough to get valid statistical results. That way, you can throw out the stats from people who don't have critical listening skills. Otherwise, the worst sin occurs which is to combine the results of people who can't hear small impairments with those who do….
    The best approach would be to perform two tests. The first with all individuals, and the purpose is to find those who can hear. The criterion should be at least p < 0.05 null rejection for those people, or even more stringent. But the statistics in the first test can't be counted toward the conclusion. It is only for screening purposes. You must plan that in advance and stick to it. Then, in the second test everyone's result must be counted. Every second test must be reported.

    If you perform only one test and simply exclude people due to poor performance, that is cherry-picking, and you can't produce a meaningful result that way. Likewise if you do many second tests, and only report the good ones.

    There might be some way to only do one test with some kind of post-hoc rejection. Generally such things are only permitted for a small number of "outliers" who are 3 or more standard deviations away from the mean. I think that would not be possible for these kinds of tests (we are looking for the elite pre-trained listeners, not "The Average Listener"), but even if it could it would raise the possibility that you chose the post-selection method post-hoc also. I think many would not be happy with this kind of determination. I would not be happy with it. But if you were to do things this way anyway, it would help if your "unqualified listener" determination method was strictly determined in advance also as that would mitigate a major argument against it.

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    Good news everyone.
    Our new resident expert (I think that is how he seems himself) has made a grand statement showing that we can ignore everything that happened, its value and its meaning...

    Quote Originally Posted by AJ Soundfield View Post
    I did, as they are all presented in my post. Amir simply did a home test of decidedly non-DSP/Perceptual expert Arny K online files. That's it.
    No more, no less. Not a Bob Stuart/JJ administered type AES submitted paper. You're still not clear on this? Or the significance?


    I am sure everyone will feel a sigh of relief that they no longer have to try to find useful and important information in the middle of the 150 pages
    Oh wait, its AJ Soundfield.

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