Due to ongoing controversy all too often when topics of politics and religion are started and members' uncertainty as to whether topics of such nature are allowed on the board, several recent threads have been started



As a result, and as promised, the Admin team has spent the past few days discussing pros and cons of allowing such topics to be posted here (or not) at WBF.

While we understand that such topics can be informative we also realize that these topics frequently devolve into arguments and name calling etc. I can assure members that our discussion of this topic at the Admin level was taken seriously by the five of us. We looked at all aspects and having weighed all options, the Admin team now brings forward to membership our position going forward on any further topics involving politics and religion........


We understand that certain subjects if posted might involve a grey zone on the topic. As a result if topics are posted that are contrary to such policy, the thread will either be cleansed of all such posts and/or the thread will be either closed and/or deleted.

Involved members will initially be appraised of the forum policy. If such actions continue by said member appropriate warning(s) will be issued and if they continue a temporary ban will be issued.

We know that due to recent threads posted here, there have been questions raised ( and appropriately so) by membership. As a result the above policy will be actively enforced by heavy moderation and possible sanctions against members who continue such actions.