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Thread: When 12 Gauge Wire is not 12 Gauge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundproof View Post
    Would using AC change your measurements, given that it's AC-current from amplifier to speakers, and not DC? (Just for my edification).
    DC resistance affects all frequencies equally. AC however changes based on frequency so there is no one single number there.

    And while I would never attempt to use coat-hangers myself, I do remember that gizmodo-article, and that they twisted and soldered four coat hangers to create a speaker cable. Maybe they realized they would need more than one.
    This is the mother of all fish stories. This was reported on countless web sites, blogs and some online rags such as Gizmodo as if it was some thorough analysis. It was not. It was a casual test reported by a "Dr. Bob" in this forum post:

    Go to next page of that thread and you see him saying he is a (medical) doctor and that it was his brother who was an engineer and created the coat hanger speaker wires. That is the sum total. From this one anecdotal post, the thing grew into fact: "coat hanger beats monster cable." I challenge folks to try to make a speaker wire out of coat hangers that can be plugged in and out quickly in a blind test. Not saying it can't be done but it is hard. For one thing, if the coat hanger is conductive -- and not all are -- how do you get a pair that doesn't short out as the two wires cross when you move them? Soldering will be a total pain too as this stuff is not made to accept solder. And they are stiff as heck.

    Again, this could be done but the proof that it was done and was done properly takes a lot more than hearsay in a forum post. Everyone wants to believe its message so it has become "fact."

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    My wife really likes my new speaker wires because my closet is more organized than ever before. I put in a 7.1 system and it holds all my shirts neatly as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbfc View Post
    my wife really likes my new speaker wires because my closet is more organized than ever before. I put in a 7.1 system and it holds all my shirts neatly as well!


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