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Thread: Sonos / the best mousetrap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Resnick View Post
    This morning we installed a Sonos Connect to an existing modest stereo in the bedroom. This evening we installed a Sonos Play 5 in the closet in our bedroom.

    This Sonos stuff is absolutely amazing! The fact that I can play Spotify and songs resident on my cellphone through an existing stereo without having to connect anything to, or deal with, a computer is completely fantastic to me!

    After the house is repaired we intend to install more Play 5s in hallways and guest rooms. Hopefully by then Sonos will offer an outdoor speaker for the deck.
    My wife gave me a Sonos System for Christmas (Soundbar and Sub) that I had asked for. And I am blown away by a number of things: Room correction using an iPhone; wirelessly connected sub; easy-peasy setup; the ability to play all of my free Amazon music wirelessly via iPhone/iPad/PC/Mac apps; and how it improves the sound for our family room TV. We may add wireless surround speakers (for my birthday ) so that we have a 5.1 system in our family room. Amazing products.
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    absolutely great to see this thread...back in 2007 i started asking around for a DAC when 1-piece high end players was the rage. The audio dealers thought i was nuts...and i was looking for one SPECIFICALLY to use with a Sonos system. That was my ideal setup.

    I looked at the DCS Elgar Plus and just could never convince myself to pull the trigger for the money. I came across a 2nd hand Zanden DAC (which i had never heard of before)...and was 90% to buying it after 20 minutes...a 1 hour audition that weekend, and i bought it for 2x the asking price of the 2nd hand Elgar.

    The funny thing is...years later...i came across a fully up-to-date Zanden DAC WITH Transport...and i have NEVER ended up doing hard drives, Sooloos or Sonos or anything else for that matter. The one good thing about the DAC is that i can use the Oppo digital-out to drive movies through the Zanden as well.
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