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Thread: Klaudio Record Cleaning Machine Review

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    Klaudio Record Cleaning Machine Review

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    Greatly enjoyed reading your review on the Klaudio RCM. It's unfortunate for me that I'll never be able to hear the sonic benefits this device can bring to a recording, as the price is well beyond my reach. However, perhaps I could get lucky and find someone local who offers a cleaning service. I would definitely spring for such a service for a few of my most beloved recordings. One can hope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MylesBAstor View Post

    'what he said'

    Myles, nice review. and you have pushed me to do the same experimentations with time. I've been using 3 minute cleaning only so i'll switch to 4 and see if that increases the difference between the KLAUDIO and the AD.

    but I agree with everything you have said.

    I've also just used a 3 minute dry, but switch to 2 and see if that works good enough.

    regarding the Audio Desk and the time issue (how many beeps you choose), I have found with more dirty used records that 6-7 minutes can make a difference. but most records that look relatively clean to begin with sound the same with 2-3 or 4 minutes.....time beyond 2 does not seem to matter.

    I do use the Audio Desk for records with obviously more surface dirt due to the filter. however; if I only had the KLAUDIO I would just do some sort of pre-wipe like you suggest.

    thank you for doing the work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MylesBAstor View Post
    Great review Myles. I was to the point of buying the AudoDesk, as it is made in EC, but now I want a Klaudio!
    Yes, for the second time I am going to buy something just on reviewer or forum opinion!

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    Great review, Myles.

    Mike, I found that a 4 minute clean of brand new records makes a big difference for me with the Klaudio. I didn't experience that difference with all my elbow-grease enzymatic cleaning and it took up too much of my time, so I have not been cleaning new LPs. However, since the Klaudio is so easy to use, I cleaned the second LP of a 2 LP set while the first LP was playing, and was very pleasantly surprised at the increase in transparency. So, it is now back in my process to clean every new LP that comes in. Even the sealed, brand new re-issues.
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    Very informative review Myles. I have a copy of the Stevie Winwood "Back in the High Life" LP I bought brand new when it first came out and mine has lots of low end punch.

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    Excellent review Myles. I borrowed the KL for a day and compared it to my Audio Desk. I think Myles really nailed the description of how the KL sounds and works. Wish I had more time with it. This is a much better review than Michael Fremer's IMO. I don't know how MF did not notice the difference in sound between the two.

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    Hi Myles,
    Nice review Myles. I think the only thing that worries me is the lack of filtering of the fluid. Should this be a concern especially if you're into cleaning used LP's? Based upon your review I would buy this over the ADS if it had a filter or allowed the addition of some method of filtering the fluid. The thought of cleaning with "used" fluid makes me cautious.

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    One of the reasons I dove into the KLAudio RCM was to clean used LPs as easily as possible and to achieve perfectly clean micro grooves without damages. I don't buy LPs with heavy scratches or visible dirt that are clearly not been taken care of.

    I had cleaned about 150 used LPs since I initially filled the tank with distilled water without any ill effects to the records. Although the records still come out very clean, I plan to drain the water and check how much stuff was in the water...

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    if you pre scrub and wipe dry each record prior to the first ultra cleaning, the water stays clean for a lot of records. 1 gallon of distilled water is $2.50.

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