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Thread: Trinity DAC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzhead View Post
    Your welcome . Sorry , nothing on the DAC as of now . Do not think DSD is in the scheme of things , purely speculating here .
    Quote Originally Posted by Elberoth View Post
    Dietmar once told me that going DXD would require a complete DAC clocking system redesign, which was a challenge.
    none the less even with 'just' the power supply and control system updates it's a nice step up for Trinity dac owners who already have world class digital.

    OTOH these limitations are why I moved on (and 7+ terabytes....and growing....of dsd on my server), it certainly was not any lack of performance or build quality. but for much of the market dxd and dsd are not really even a part of things. so for his market it's appropriate.

    but the details are not yet out, so there could be changes to these issues.
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