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Thread: What's the best headphone amp you have heard?

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    woo audio wa22 sounds amazing with sennheiser hd800

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    What tubes you using ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by caesar View Post
    Recently heard the Cavalli Gold. Just makes excellent music!!!!

    But for whatever reason, it does not have a female input for a regular headphone jack. Seems like a mistake that limits the numbers of customers who can get this thing.

    Yes, it does. There are 4 outputs on the front. 4 Pin XLR, Pair of 3 Pin XLR (L/R) and 2 standard TRS jacks where one has gain reduction resistors for situations where the headphone sensitivity is very high.
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    Amazing looking amp- well done, I'm a little bit jealous

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    sophia electric, 6snta us navy with base metal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alrainbow View Post
    What tubes you using ??

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    Looks like Cavalli has discontinued his entire line. Anyone catch up to the Gold?

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    I only heard it once and have a close friend who heard it at lenth. It's a very good amp a bit of noise at low volume. But consider an amp that's very transparent can have that also it could be source involved. It's a shame it's discontinued.

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    The EAR HP4 is by far the best I've heard. I had mine tweaked with some pretty hefty upgrades and now it sounds incredible. I'd say twice as good as before.
    The following is a list of what was done. The finishing touch was swapping the valves to Sophia Electrics which are superb.....

    1. Capacitors
    1. The amp used fairly basic industrial style capacitors - replaced all power supply electrolytic capacitors with good quality Dubiliers and Nichicons (7 in total)
    2. Upgraded all key capacitors in the signal path using Mundorf ZN's and Musicaps in coupling positions and Elna Silmics in cathode bypass positions (6 in total)
    1. Power supply improved by installing a 15 Henry choke in place of a dropper resistor and by replacing the standard diodes with Schottkies.
    2. Converted the power supply to a pseudo mono supply using separate chokes and filter caps for each channel - allows the separate channels to function in virtual independence with their separate choke filters and reservoir caps
    3. Valve Sockets - The standard nickel ones replaced with gold plated ones
    6. Key Resistors
    Kiwame carbon film resistors. Replaced 10 resistors

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