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Thread: Integrated Refrigerator Miele vs Thermador vs Subzero

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    Integrated Refrigerator Miele vs Thermador vs Subzero

    We are redoing our kitchen and looking at refrigerator columns. We are considering 36" Miele. They are having a special right now, offering 10 year free warrenty on all their products. We had been looking at Thermadore but they only have a 30" which we thought might be a bit small. Subzero had been on our list initially as well. We are also looking for any thoughts about a separate freezer column versus some Subzero freezer drawers in the island. We do not need alot of freezer space in the kitchen as we have a full deepfreeze in the basement. Any thoughts?

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    We bought the 48 inch subzero in our main house about 10 years back. For the new house, we bought two separate Thermador, each 30 inches I think. I really like the idea of two independent units from redundancy point of view and independent temp control. I also like having full size freezer and not hunting around in drawers while freezing . The Miele I thought was rebranded Bosch just like Thermador with a bit of value add in installation from what I recall. At the time we bought our set, the Miele was more expensive and not yet shipping so we passed on it.

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    I posted in your other thread but is there a reason you're not considering Liebherr?

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    48 inch!! It is huge!

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    I was buying a dishwasher, built-in oven and refrigerator for a unit I was renovating to sell few months ago. Mid-range price and quality, so not cheap and nasty and not too pricey. I've been looking at appliances on-line and chose LG appliances, so I bought French Door Refrigerator, when I sold the unit I bought myself the same model and I am more than satisfied and happy

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    Unless you live in a big enough city where there is a service company for SubZero or Miele, I would go with Thermador.

    Of the 3, it's the only one for which independent service companies have a chance to get spare parts and technical support.

    For most areas, SubZero and Miele have only one service company allowed to buy spare parts so you get overcharged on service calls and sometimes have to wait months before the repair is completed as soon as the warranty is over.

    It might not be too bad if you're close from their shop, but since you're stuck doing business with their firm and service techs don't want to have to travel too far for repairs, you'll likely end up at the bottom of their priority list.

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