Shunyata DENALI and Triton differences

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Thanks Grant for the reply. The question for me now is, what should I choose to do (I live in the Netherlands and cannot upgrade, very unfortunately (why not by the way, even if it's more expensive than the US upgrade, I'd still be happy to do that)? I prefer to opt for the best sound, but experiences concerning the difference between the Denali and the Triton v3 plus Typhon are not unequivocally clear to me, so maybe you can help me. I saw a sort of scale determination, where the Triton v2 got 65 points, the Denali 85, and the Triton v3 100 (on a scale from 0-100 of course). If this is more or less correct, than the Denali has a very good price/quality ratio. But it's not clear to me for example if this comparison includes the use of a Typhon with the Triton. Anyway, I'd like to hear your own impressions about the difference, I guess you're a addicted to music and good presentation of it as I am
The grading scale you mentioned provides a very limited view of the differences. The Denali is measurably more quiet than anything we've ever produced, almost eerily so, but also retains precise timing and excellent dynamics. It will never sound slowed down or dull in the way most "conditioners" do that restrict instantaneous current. These characteristics, in a snapshot explain Denali's popularity and value at the price. Compared to the Triton v2, I would agree that the Denali while different, is ultimately a clear step up. That is not the case with the v3.

The Triton v3, while measurably not as quiet as a 6000T, does literally everything else better. The dynamic scale of music comes across more broadly, almost unlimited in the way it frees extension at dynamic extremes. Sound with the Triton v3 is imparted with more weight, three-dimensionality and room-shaking power, as if you've added 100 watts to your amps output. The Triton v3 has a massively over-sized (3x larger) version of the patent-pending QR/BB that is in the Denali's HC outlet. The QR/BB facilitates greater access to instantaneous current than when plugging electronics directly into the wall. This is accomplished without using capacitors, which is unique to Denali models and the Triton v3.

Instruments and voice present with more texture and bolder color -- more dimensional, or 'present-in-the-room' with the v3 Triton than through Denali 6000T or competitive brands. The best description is to say the Denali can delineate an ideal hologram of sound images in space from front to back, side to side and the soundstage is unbelievably wide and deep. The Triton v3 fills in these holograms with added scale, weight and perceived power, as if the instruments take on their corporeal form and you can "feel" the instrument's sound, whether a cello, violin or kick-drum that vibrates the front of your shirt. That kind of difference and live-feel separates our products from others and the Triton v3 is by far the best at presenting this characteristic. The Denali is exceptional, but the Triton v3 would assert its superiority in the areas I mention within a minute of playing music. Adding a Typhon to the Triton v3 only increases dynamic scale and adds dimension to instruments. Conversely, adding a Typhon to Denali produces a more subtle difference and I'm not sure is worth the added cost, but on a Triton v3 you would likely never part with it once you realize what it adds to the performance.

I hope this helps better describe the differences between the units. If the v3 is at all within your budget, that is what I would consider. The Denali is technically better than the v1 or v2, but its also different, whereas the v3 is unequivocally better in virtually every respect. Its also, quite a bit more expensive so before I get ahead of myself, that has to be a primary consideration.

I hope this helps!


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