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  1. Best Acoustic Products for First Reflection Points

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    What is your recommendation for acoustic treatment products to absorb or diffuse the sound from the loudspeakers hitting the first reflection points?

    ASC, for example, makes sound-absorbing rectangles, around 1" to 3" thick, that can be mounted on the wall or just leaned against a wall at the points of the first reflection.

    RPG has a bewildering array of products. What is the best RPG product for absorption and for diffusion at the first reflection points?
  2. Best Acoustic Products for First Reflection Points

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    I have a completely different take on this question.

    there are multiple cases to consider. first is driver type. obviously dipoles and horns interact differently with side walls and ceilings than cones.

    I think for Ron's question we are speaking about cones mostly.

    next is local and global. local is where there is relatively close distance between the speaker and wall, global is where the distance from speaker to wall is farther. and the actual issue
  3. Shunyata DENALI and Triton differences

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    Thanks Grant for the reply. The question for me now is, what should I choose to do (I live in the Netherlands and cannot upgrade, very unfortunately (why not by the way, even if it's more expensive than the US upgrade, I'd still be happy to do that)? I prefer to opt for the best sound, but experiences concerning the difference between the Denali and the Triton v3 plus Typhon are not unequivocally clear to me, so maybe you can help me. I saw a sort of scale determination, where the Triton v2 got
  4. eljr's listening selections

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  5. 5th AudioExotics Super Hi-End Show

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    Spirit , AC ... Here you go .

    The rooms in descending order of preference.

    First on my list was the Trinity suite . This consisted of a complete Trinity chain , including the power filters and all cables . There was no Tripoint grounding applied in this room , as Dietmar believes that his good engineering practices help in noise not affecting the ground plane of his electronics.

    The speakers were the Cessaro Carmen and the TT in residence was the