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  1. High end Munich 2017

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    Just a few notes. A good friend had the Beta's along the 90's and I spent many hours listening to them - they sounded great at that time with some LP recordings. But they were not reliable - he had to change several units and unfortunately they were not able to play digital decently. These speakers are now at the home of another acquaintance - I could have got them at a bargain price around 2002 and decided not to do it. In order to be built at low price the built quality
  2. Oppo UDP-205 audiophile 4k / universal player & media streamer

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    Congratulations Dan
    I am sure you will enjoy it.
    If it is part of your repertoire I would be interested to hear how well it performs as a player with SACD two channel and multichannel discs.
    No mad rush!
    Thanks Barry, i'm working my way back to the house right now to get it off of the porch before someone else gets the chance to enjoy it. As soon as I get it up and running I will make note of my findings, both 2 channel and multi channel.


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